Cleaning Services

Jelly Fish in Lake County IL

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Salt Water Maintenance

We can assess and maintain the following in your salt water tank: water temperature, lighting, water quality, fish health, algae buildup, water flow, and much more. We also perform filtration, substrate, aquascape, and glass cleaning so that the tank is always in top notch condition.​

Fresh Water Maintenance

Most of the time, fresh water maintenance is not as intensive as salt water maintenance.  Our Fresh Water Tank Maintenance service includes professional inspection of livestock, interior/exterior glass cleaning, assessment of equipment, filtration media changes, and much more.

Gravel Cleaning

We can thoroughly clean the gravel in fresh water and salt water fish tanks. Even if the gravel appears clean, there’s a good chance that it needs to be cleaned sooner rather than later.  Our fish tank gravel cleaning service is designed to create a healthy and clean environment for fish.  Our incredible gravel cleaning tools can remove anything that has been accumulating in the gravel bed including fecal matter and food. The ultimate goal is to remove all of the waste in the gravel bed.​​​